Bazetta (2017) 30'

electric guitar, percussion, violin, double bass, and sine tones

written for SLOW SD: Festival of Slow Music


>score excerpt

to purchase, rent, and/or preview the full score / parts, please write to anthony.d.vine [at] gmail [dot] com


coming soon

Program Notes

Bazetta is a small township in Northeast Ohio. The etymology of the name Bazetta is uncertain.

Performance History

17.06.21 | Museum of Photographic Arts | San Diego, CA
Erik Carlson, Dan King, Matt Kline, and Anthony Vine

17.04.12 | UCSD Springfest | San Diego, CA
part of Bazetta Revisited
John Burnett, Katy Gilmore, Jordan Morton, Ben Rempel, and Anthony Vine

World Premiere
17.06.11 | CULTIVATE 2017 | Mt. Kisco, NY
Music from Copland House

West Bazetta Cemetery