Distance / Absence (2016) 20'

two percussionists and two pianists

written for and dedicated to Yarn/Wire

distance / absence was made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.


>score excerpt

to purchase, rent, and/or preview the full score / parts, please write to anthony.d.vine [at] gmail [dot] com


Program Notes

At the core of this work is a detuned zither. Microtonally-inflected metallic plucks and sweeps of the zither are mapped onto the piano and percussion palette. The piece unfolds in a series of episodes that filter, distort, magnify, and suppress various behaviors and sonic properties of the zither: from time-stretched blurs of bowed strings and metal to sparsely strummed chords suspended in silence.

Performance History

17.09.13 | Ultima Festival | Oslo, Norway

16.10.21 | University of Tennesse Contemporary Music Festival | Knoxville, TN

World Premiere 16.09.16 | Yarn/Wire Currents | Blank Forms | Brooklyn, NY