For Agnes Martin (2013) 9'

flute, soprano saxophone (or b-flat clarinet), two percussionists, piano, violin, cello, and cassette tape players


>score excerpt

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Program Notes

I've been fascinated with harmonicas for quite a while. I'm intrigued by the instrument's flexibility, (typically detuned) tonal construction, piercing difference tones, and the interference / beating when layered with one another. All of these elements are used to generate the structure, harmony, and other compositional tools in 'For Agnes Martin'. In this piece, harmonicas weave their way through the ensemble, floating above a bed of sine tones that emanate from cassette tape players. These different topographies of sound bleeding in and out of relief reminded me of the "floating layers" found in the work of Agnes Martin, where paint, canvas, and the liminal space between these elements seem to fluctuate.

Performance History

16.09.21 | Korzo | Den Haag, NE
Ensemble Modelo6

16.09.08 | Gaudeamus Muziekweek | Utrecht, NE
Ensemble Modelo62

15.10.08 | 19th Annual Martirano Award Concert | Urbana, Illinois Illinois Modern Ensemble