From a Forest of Standing Mirrors (2014) 7'

double bass, piano, and percussion (video projection)

written for and dedicated to Bearthoven

video projection by Katy Gilmore


>score excerpt

to purchase, rent, and/or preview the full score / parts, please write to anthony.d.vine [at] gmail [dot] com


with video:

Program Notes

Soon after composing this piece, I serendipitously stumbled upon Maguy Marin’s choreographic work “Umwelt”. In this static, Beckett-inspired world, dancers move between networks of overlapping mirrors, slipping in and out of sight. During these fragmentary entrances, the dancers perform repetitive, mundane activities, from changing clothes to eating food. A monolithic soundtrack of white noise envelops the scene. I began to find a number of parallels between Marin’s piece, and the music that I had just composed. Like Marin, my work deals with reflection and stasis. My piece is comprised of harmonic pillars, built from the sound of five pitched gongs. Throughout the piece, these vertical sonorities are subjected to what can be thought of as varying degrees of reflection and fragmentation. Due to the fragility of the materials, this seemingly repetitious musical surface becomes an ever shifting profile that seems to move spontaneously and unpredictably.

Performance History

17.11.24 | Splendor | Amsterdam, NE
Ensemble Modelo62

17.11.25 | ProRege | Rotterdam, NE
Ensemble Modelo62

17.11.26 | Studio Loos | Den Haag, NE
Ensemble Modelo62

17.06.15 | nief-norf summer festival | Knoxville, TN
nief-norf performance fellows

16.09.08 | Gaudeamus Muziekweek | Utrecht, NE
Ensemble Modelo62

16.05.11 | Exploring the Metropolis Public Program | Manhattan, NY

16.04.07 | EMPAC | Troy, NY

15.09.27 | Shapeshifter Lab | Brooklyn, NY

15.09.29 | E-WERK | Freiburg, Germany
Ensemble SurPlus

15.08.21 | Summer Akademie Schloss Solitude | Stuttgart, Germany
Ensemble SurPlus

15.05.15 | Scholes Street Studios | Brooklyn, NY

World Premiere
14.11.05 | CNX | Columbus, OH