Hallways (2014) 60'

installation / multimedia collaboration for two dancers and two electric guitars

Program Note

'Hallways' has many identities: as a site-specific performance, a piece of dance on film, and a platform for experiments in improvisation. It is a long form, malleable project that seeks to constantly redefine and question its identity through an intimate and intensive history of body, brain, and aural knowledge and familiarity. The work itself was born from the structural metaphor of a hallway. These hallways manifest themselves as spatial and/or sonic sieves that filters the improvisatory nature of the piece. Hallways range from specific harmonic frameworks to ensemble configurations, and change according to the medium, space, and situation.

Performance History

14.06.27 | CPR | Brooklyn, NY
Hallways (2014)
Kathryn Logan and Katy Gilmore (Logan Company), Matt Evans, and Anthony Vine
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Hallways Project - Blue and Gray Day from Logan Company on Vimeo.