Large Ensemble

The Innocence of Trees (2018) 30'
three string quartets
commissioned by the Gaudeamus Muziekweek
written for Quatuor Bozzini, Dudok Kwartet, and Quatuor Alcea

Chamber Ensemble

For Pierre Soulages (2019) 20'
string quartet
commissioned by Levy Gorvy for the exhibition 'Pierre Soulages: A Century'
written for The Rhythm Method

Terrain (2019) 12'
violin and viola
commissioned by and written for AndPlay

Wave Room (2018) 15'
string quartet
commissioned through the John J. Cali String Quartet Composition Competition
written for the Heimat Quartet

Remain (2017) 7'
bass clarinet, violin, and cello
written for CULTIVATE at Copland House

Bazetta (2017) 30'
electric guitar, percussion, violin, double bass, and sine tones
written for Slow SD at UCSD

Drifitng, Aglow (2016) 7'
singing double bassist, and two percussionists
written for Jordan Morton, Dan King, and Ben Rempel

Distance / Absence (2016) 20'
two percussionists and two pianists
commissioned by and written for Yarn/Wire

North (2016/2017) 15'
alto saxophone, percussion, two electric guitars, piano, and double bass
written for Dave Lackner, Adrian Knight, and Bearthoven

Troost (2015) 17'
two electric guitars, alto saxophone, and percussion
written for Dave Lackner, Adrian Knight, and Derek Vockins


Fluoresecent Standard (2019) 17'
bass clarinet and fixed media
commissioned by and written for Gareth Davis

Scrim (2017) 8'
trombone and cassette tapes
written for and commissioned by Will Lang

In Memoriam: Pauline Oliveros (2016) 5'
violin and sine tones

Installations / Multidisciplinary Collaborations

Tape Music (2019 - )
a series of installations and/or sound sculptures that illuminate the sonic beahviors and capacities of shoebox-style cassette tape players

Heremetic Art Party (2017 - )
ongoing collaborative art party and brend-based research with Anthony Vine (guitar and electronics), Madison Greenstone (clarinets and electronics), and Katy Gilmore (projections)

Bazetta Revisited (2017) 120'
multimedia installation
with dual channel video projections by Katy Gilmore

Hallways (2014) 60'
installation / multimedia collaboration for two dancers and two electric guitars

Collaborative Compositions

Duo (2016) 20'
alto saxophone, electric guitar, sine tones, and field recordings
co-written with David Lackner


Rashad Becker: Themes IV (2016) 5'