Things Fall Apart (2013) 10'

percussion and live-electronics

written for Evan Woodle


to purchase, rent, and/or preview the full score / parts, please write to anthony.d.vine [at] gmail [dot] com


Program Notes

Things Fall Apart was originally written for Ryan Jewell in reaction to his unique snare drum and everyday object improvisations. Inadvertently, this piece became as much of a piece of choreography as it is a piece of music. The percussionist navigates a fragile and often chaotic world of unstable sonic objects that are carefully balanced on the snare drum's surface. The resonance and friction of these intersecting objects with the snare drum are captured, processed, and woven into the fabric of the live sound. The piece is titled after a work by artist Sarah Sze, who creates massive installations and intricate sculptures from the minutiae of everyday life.

Performance History

16.05.22 | Queens New Music Festival | Long Island City, NY
Megan Arns, [Switch~ Ensemble]

In 2004 Evan Woodle premiered the piece, and played it a few times after that. Ryan Jewell also played it once at pectrum in NY.