Transmission (2011, rev. 2015) 7'

Large Ensemble

Grisaille (2015) 9'

American Poetics (2010) 13'
spatialized chamber orchestra and cassette tapes

The Temptation of St. Anthony (2009) 9'
24 trombones

Chamber Ensemble

Tibbetts Wick (2017) 7'
baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, and bass clarinet

Cadwallader Sonk (2017) 15'
voice, flute, b-flat clarinet, trumpet, and percussion

Remain (2017) 7'
bass clarinet, violin, and cello

Bazetta (2017) 30'
electric guitar, percussion, violin, double bass, and sine tones

Drifitng, Aglow (2016) 7'
singing double bassist, and two percussionists

Lumin (2016) 10'
oboe, piano, and percussion

Between Blue (2016) 15'
string quartet

Distance / Absence (2016) 20'
two percussionists and two pianists

North (2016/2017) 15'
original version (2016): alto saxophone, percussion, two electric guitars, piano, and double bass
syndicate version (2017): two percussionists, harp, electric guitar, and double bass

mum- (2016) 2'
flute, b-flat clarinet, two saxophones, and percussion

Troost (2015) 17'
two electric guitars, alto saxophone, and percussion

From a Forest of Standing Mirrors (2014) 7'
double bass, piano, and percussion (video projection)

Marabu #14 (2014) 7'
bass flute and electric guitar

For Agnes Martin (2013) 9'
flute, soprano saxophone (or b-flat clarinet), two percussionists, piano, violin, cello, and cassette tape players

For Gerhard Richter (2013) 5'
saxophone quartet


Soft Margins and Wide Peripheries (2018) 15'
prepared piano

Music for an Apartment on Coles Street (2017) 25'

Scrim (2017) 8'
trombone and cassette tapes

In Memoriam: Pauline Oliveros (2016) 5'
violin and sine tones

Things Fall Apart (2013) 10'
percussion and live-electronics

Installations / Multidisciplinary Collaborations

Heremetic Art Party (2017-18)
ongoing art party with Anthony Vine (guitar), Madison Greenstone (clarinets), and Katy Gilmore (projections)

Bazetta Revisited (2017) 120'
multimedia installation
with dual channel video projections by Katy Gilmore

Variations on an Imaginary Theme from a Bedroom on Cadwallader Sonk (2017) 60'
16 voice guitar piece played back on 8 spatially distributed cassette tape players
with dual channel video projections by Katy Gilmore

Hallways (2014) 60'
installation / multimedia collaboration for two dancers and two electric guitars

Collaborative Compositions

Duo (2016) 20'
alto saxophone, electric guitar, sine tones, and field recordings
co-written with David Lackner


Rashad Becker: Themes IV (2016) 5'