Cadwallader Sonk / 2017
voice, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and percussion


performed by Rachel Allen, Barbara Byers, Ben Rempel, Madison Greenstone, Michael Matsuno, & Steve Schick on November 11, 2017 at UCSD

Cadwallader Sonk is an unremarkable road in Northeast Ohio. Single story and split level houses sided with linoleum of beige or white or taupe spaciously line its five mile path. Manicured lawns and unkept rural plots adjoin sharply along property divisions. From the backdoor, it's a ten or so minute walk to the mailbox. Obstinate solitude is caked in a dull humidity, and the low hum of insects, mowers, and the ringing of the ears is cut only by the occasional passing car. Living rooms smell of an unidentifiable powder, a medicinal, anise-flavored gelatin. Over the years, oil and dust are pushed into every corner. At night, the glow of televisions slouch against lace curtains, sometimes vinyl blinds, casting seraphic forms on the lawn.