Remnants / 2017
album (Galtta Media)


Performed by Anthony Vine, David Lackner, Adrian Knight, Matt Evans, Karl Larson, Pat Swoboda, and Derek Vockins.

“Composed and performed in New York during the summer of 2016, "Remnants" is a 65-minute collection from the mysterious inner wold of composer Anthony Vine. In this world, music is a place, a dream, a living landscape; it's a swirling conversationbetween close friends playing guitar, saxophone, piano, harmonica, melodica, bass,and percussion; wandering through found sounds, vast microtonal systems, andfragile moments of improvisation and chance. Not so easily characterized, Vine isrooted in contemporary classical music, while "Remnants" finds itself sliding into theouter realms of jazz, minimalism, and ambient music.”